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You will probably have experienced the excitement of a day at the races but can you imagine the thrill of being there to watch your own horse run?

As a member of a 20-strong flat-racing syndicate, you could enjoy a season’s racing for around £1500. That’s just £125 per month.

Ownership need not be exclusive to the rich and famous.

Syndicates can be large or small and can be structured around racehorse ownership or lease arrangements.

We tailor the syndication arrangements to suit the requirements of its members.

If you want to finance training fees on a monthly basis this can be facilitated.

Alternatively, you could opt for a one-of payment that covers all your training and incidental fees for a whole year.

We know a thing or two about racing.

We breed racehorses, we have our own horses in training and we sponsor owners.

Let us worry about the management details and leave you free to enjoy the excitement and social whirl of a season’s racing.

Contact us now to discover how easy it can be to turn your racing dreams into reality.

Lakehaven Lady ran once as a two year old but we felt that she needed more time to grow and develop. She has been back with us at the stud since March 2003 and she will go back into training with Christine Dunnett within the next few weeks. Shares are available at a one-off price of £1200.00.

As owners, you will receive up to date information on her progress, visit the stables to watch her work and receive your free badges when she is racing.

Any prize money that she wins will be divided amongst the members of the syndicate.