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The racehorse is an athlete and, as with all athletes, there are times when it is necessary to rest and recuperate after injury or a long, hard season. If you are going to get the best out of your horse it will need to be in peak physical condition and have that all important appetite to win.

If your horse needs a prolonged break from training it will benefit from attention from staff that are used to working with injured or resting horses. More importantly, a change of scenery will work wonders. By removing your horse from the high pressure environment of a busy training yard you will remove a level of stress that could limit the effectiveness of the recovery period.

Supplementing its own exceptional internal skills and expertise, the Brookfield Stud conducts equine rehabilitation in close co-operation with its local veterinary practice and, when necessary, the leading domain experts in Newmarket and elsewhere. A purpose-built veterinary unit is an important part of the Stud’s infrastructure, providing a safe and professional facility for the examination and treatment of horses.

You prepare your horse for the track with a specialist trainer so why not use a specialist when rest and recuperation is required? With boarding rates that start at £10 per day you will not do better. Talk to us or, better still, come and visit us to discuss your particular requirements.