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Stallion Selection

Discuss with us your breeding requirements and we will identify, within your budgetary limits, those sires that best complement your mare’s pedigree. Many clients prefer us to manage on their behalf the administration of stallion nominations. Moreover, when several of our clients wish to use the same stallion, or patronise a particular stud, we are often able to negotiate stud fees at preferential rates.

Dubai Destination

Covering the Mare

Situated close to Newmarket, we are ideally placed to offer a convenient and cost effective walk-in service. During the 2004 covering season, once again, we achieved
100% success with the mares that were walked in and covered. We can also offer an Artificial Insemination (AI) service for non-thoroughbred or non-racing mares.



We make sure that your foal gets the best possible start in life by maintaining your mare in peak condition throughout gestation. Nutritional provision needs to be carefully adjusted throughout foetal development and it is this attention to detail that helps to give your foal that important edge.



Large, warm, CCTV-equipped foaling boxes and skilled, dedicated staff on hand, both day and night, to ensure safe and uneventful foaling. The picture to the left is our purpose built Mare and Foal unit.