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Breeders Club

Shared Dream – Shared Costs

If racing syndication is not for you, but you still want some meaningful involvement in the ‘Sport of Kings’ you might consider involvement in the breeding of a racehorse instead. An alternative to dabbling in stocks and shares might be to invest in a covering by a first class stallion. The Breeders Club affords a group of like-minded enthusiasts the opportunity to breed,
produce and sell a foal or yearling


– Manage the Breeders Club
– Provide the Broodmare
– Advise on bloodlines and stallion selection
– Produce the foal or yearling for the Sales

Breeding Club Members:

– Share the cost of the stud fee
– Share the cost of broodmare keep from covering to weaning
– Share the cost of young-stock keep from weaning to sale
– Share the proceeds from the sale of the foal or yearling

Some current Members:

Please contact us for Broodmare pedigree and history.

Contact us now to discover how easy it can be to become a breeder during this season.